Ethos and Values

We are proud to be a member of Tudhoe Learning Trust and subsequently aim to embed the values of the Trust in everything we do:

Excellence – We are committed to utilising our expertise and high levels of professionalism, challenging each other to ensure our focus upon standards & continual improvement is consistent across the school.
Inspiration – We aim to provide innovative and creative opportunities based upon research and our own experiences, where risk taking is encouraged, with positivity and passion a prerequisite.
Honesty – We operate our school with high levels of transparency, integrity and trust with a small t. We share information, feedback and advice freely across our school, with the aim to empower all staff to be actively involved in providing the best education for our children.
Collaboration – We encourage and demand shared responsibility at all levels, which along with joint working practices and a mentality of complete buy in, all stakeholders have a sense of ownership and are driven to support other colleagues across the Trust.
Positivity – We want our institutions to be fun, supportive and caring environments, where people want to come to work, learn, challenge themselves and be the best that they can be.

Ethos & Values

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