At Tudhoe Colliery Primary School, we treat everyone Equally and Fairly regardless of…

Gender Identity
Race and Nationality
Religion or Belief
Sexual Orientation


We believe that all pupils have an equal right to develop and achieve their potential. Equality of opportunity underpins the school curriculum and the work of the school. Children at Tudhoe Colliery are treated as individuals with their own abilities, difficulties, attitudes, backgrounds and experiences.

We are proud to be an Educate and Celebrate School, offering an LGBT+ friendly environment for staff, pupils, governors and parents enabling everyone to thrive and be themselves without fear of discrimination. We educate our children about LGBT issues using stories, assemblies and the curriculum. 

As part of our duties we publish our school’s Equality Objectives; these are reviewed annually and updated at least once every 4 years. For more information please download our Equalities Policy and Equalities Information and Objectives overview. 


Equality Objectives

Equalities Policy