Our Staff

Staffing from September 2020


Area of Responsibility Name of Staff Member
Reception Miss Freeman (Leading EYFS, Phonics and Early Reading)

Miss Foster (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Brace (Apprentice Teaching Assistant)

Miss Stephenson (Apprentice Teaching Assistant)

Year 1 Miss Hall (Teacher)

Mrs Etherington (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Page (Apprentics Teaching Assistant)

Year 2 Miss Allan (Teacher)

Mrs Cooper (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3  Miss McGillivary (Teacher)

Mrs Sheldon (Teaching Assistant)

Year 4 Miss Stephens (Teacher)

Mrs Blakelock (Teaching Assistant)

Year 5 Miss Gray (Y2/4/6 Leader, Curriculum Lead, Writing Lead)

Miss Liddell (Teaching Assistant)

Year 6 Mr Theakston (Year 1/3/5 Leader, Maths Lead, Independence Lead)

Mrs Pickard (Teacher)

Mrs Cullen (Teaching Assistant)

Year 6 Interventions Mrs Pickard
Year 5 Interventions Miss Liddell
Year 4 Interventions Mrs Blakelock
Year 3 Interventions Mrs Sheldon
Year 2 Interventions Mrs Cooper
Year 1 Interventions Mrs Etherington
SENCO Mrs Simpson
School Dog Arthur
Deputy Headteacher Miss Boustead (Teaching and Learning, Reading, Assessment, Pupil Premium)
Headteacher/Trust CEO Mr Smith
Forest Schools Mrs Pickard
Office Manager Mrs Armstrong
Admin/Display/Attendance Mrs Etherington
Premises Manager Mr Allison
Cleaning Staff Mrs Allison, Mrs Brown
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs Brown, Mrs Anderson, Mrs Decloquement
Breakfast Club Mr Allison, Mrs Allison, Mrs Brown, Mrs Anderson
Teatime Club Mrs Brown, Mrs Anderson, Mrs Decloquement