Remote Learning Plan

If your child needs to self-isolate due to themselves or a family member developing symptoms of Covid-19, then school will provide online and offline resources to enable them to be able to continue learning whilst at home.

While a child/family member is waiting for a test… If a child needs to self-isolate for 10-14 days due to a positive test result… If a full Bubble closes…
A four day homework pack and exercise book has been sent home with the children in case it is needed. The homework pack will be focused on:

  • Times Tables
  • Basic Maths skills
  • Spelling
  • Reading

For Reception and Year 1, phonics booklets have been sent out and if a child is off school, staff will inform parents of the sounds children would be working on so they can continue this work at home.

Reception children can also access the ‘Mini Mash’ section of Purple Mash –log in information will be provided.





If it is confirmed that a child needs to self isolate for 10-14 days, then a more detailed paper homework pack will be sent out.

Phonics: For Reception, Year 1 and 2, links to online Read, Write Inc Phonics sessions will be sent out to parents if/when required.

Reading (Y1-6): This will be paper pack based and a standalone block of work to consolidate key skills from your child’s year group. Seesaw teaching videos will be available to accompany each lesson.

Writing (Y1-6): This will be paper pack based and a standalone block of work to consolidate key skills from your child’s year group. Seesaw teaching videos will be available to accompany each lesson.

Maths: For Year 1-6, this will primarily use Education City where children can access ‘Learn Screens’ to help them with the content of their work. Paper copies will be provided, but children can complete their work directly on Education City if they have online access. Seesaw teaching videos will also be available to accompany each lesson. Mental Maths work will utilise Times Table Rockstars.

Science: Links to Oak National Academy Science lessons will be provided for the children to access. Worksheets will also be available for those without internet access.

Reception: A paper based pack will be sent out, along with suggested online activities from Mini Mash.

 Your child’s class teacher will still be teaching during this time, but we will try our best to respond to any issues through the class email and Seesaw accounts.

Details of a two week homework plan will be sent out by Day 2.

Learning input will be given over Seesaw by your child’s class teacher. Children can respond over Seesaw and receive feedback on their work.

Content will be closely linked to what children would have been learning in school.

Paper homework packs will be provided for those who do not have full internet access.

 Learning support will be available throughout the day via the class email address and/or Seesaw.


Home Learning Sites

We will be using the online sites specified below in school to help familiarise the children with them, and it would be really helpful if you could support them with accessing these sites at home. Not only will this help support them with their school work, but it will also mean that in the event of them not being able to attend school, they will already be familiar with these remote ways of learning.

In the event that a Bubble closes, Seesaw will be the key method of staff setting work for children and for children to receive feedback on their work. Staff will be setting mini tasks on Seesaw this half term to help children get used to responding and uploading work. 

Anyone who has difficulties in accessing the curriculum through the internet should contact school and we will work with you to support your child’s remote learning.


Education City

Reading Plus

Times Table Rockstars

Mini Mash

Oak National Academy